The Nigerian Scam Greeting is one designed to fleece gullible, well-intentioned individuals of their hard-earned cash. The greeting begins: "Dearest
The Urgent E-Mail that Disappeared Non-Greeting is a communication that goes up in smoke. Poof! This has happened: You send
The Single Kiss
All who like kissing, pay attention! In some parts of the work, kisses are as normal as an American handshake…and
The Kodak Moment
So picture perfect that it's plastic -- like a politician! The Kodak Moment greeting happens when the person you wish
Give Dap
Rad! This greeting happens when two people mutually understand how to move their hands and bodies in unison so as to signify
The exhaust occurs when one emerges from a stressful situation and needs to relieve their frustrations. It’s typified by a
Unwanted Greeting
Go away! Scram! Be gone! The unwanted greeting is the greeting given to the busy, distracted or otherwise focused person.
The Entirely Appropriate Greeting
A greeting in which both the greeter and greeted would rate the quality of their as greeting “nice” on a