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The Exhaust

Added: 27-01-2016

Latin Name: Greetus Proximus Malus Exhaustae

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The Exhaust

The exhaust occurs when one emerges from a stressful situation and needs to relieve their frustrations. It’s typified by a lack of formal opening. Instead, the greeter opts for a direct exhalation of their pent-up frustrations, which pour forth like terrible slam poetry or song lyrics about tunafish. “Can you believe… “ and “Guess what just happened…” or typical openings, and also, typically, the greeter will not wait for a response.

He or she will simply continue to pour forth ranting, rambling and raving until such time as something else distracts their attention, or they run completely out of words.

Here’s a question for the psychologists out there: What is the psychological or cognitive root-the state-that gives rise to the saying that one is  “So angry they can’t speak?” (Watch clip for ~10 secs to see example). I did find this discussion of anger and systems/shutdown, but perhaps there are other explorations?