About the Project

Cave quid dicis, quando, et cui.

Greetonomy provides chuckles and science to feed your right inner-nerd, that part of the brain most associated with the deep pleasure of learning. It’s okay to play tough, you don’t have to admit you have this brain part… but we bet you do!

Greetonomy isn’t just fun for you, it’s also fun for us to create. The science is fantastic, fascinating and frankly funny. Join us, if you will, in pondering the various ways that humans ‘say hi’ and ‘say bye’ by submitting your very own recommendations using the Submit tab-button-thingie up top.

This project is made possible by the following zany educators:

Invention, production: @davecrusoe, @edwinlink, @tyler, @steve, @susanbrandon, @abifidler
Graphic design: @davecrusoe, @madewirawan
Web production: Joe Laska

The following people have submitted ideas or concepts that we have included into the site. If you would like to be listed here in the temple of awesome greetings, submit your idea today!