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The Nigerian Scam Greeting

Added: 12-03-2016

Latin Name: Greetus Electronicas Nigeria Scamae

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The Nigerian Scam Greeting

The Nigerian Scam Greeting is one designed to fleece gullible, well-intentioned individuals of their hard-earned cash.

The greeting begins: “Dearest friend, best beloved, sir/madam, this may come as a surprise, but my dearly departed great uncle’s neighbor’s dog’s best friend’s in-law’s pet rock left him US $48,000,000 in stocks, bonds, gold and cowry shells that he wishes to leave to you, if you will only forward US $2,500 to my surprisingly anonymous bank account.”

“Due to United National UNICEF Federal Ministry of Financial Financey Finance’s legal mumbo jumbo, section A.B.123, this must be kept top-secret and you should contact me urgently, instantly and immediately.”

Just don’t make a fool of me!

You’d think that people are on to these, the classic Nigerian Scam greetings, but apparently, in 2014, it was an $84B industry! Jikes.