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The Re-Run

Added: 06-12-2015

Latin Name: Greetus repeatus ad nausea

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The Re-Run

The Re-Run greeting is made by those people who talk about the same thing, each time they stop by for a greeting (e.g., a specific sports team, Star Wars, that joke which created bonding, laughter, forced laughter).

I’m not sure where to start here, because, wow, there’s so much to start with! Is the Re-Run due to shyness? If so, Beer (not the drink, 2002; a brilliant read) describes several theories founded on the entity vs. incremental self-belief about intelligence (love those theories; see Dweck et al., 1988 as ref).

But, perhaps it’s simply the characteristic of a nerd? In case we wonder about the qualities of a fine nerd, Engelhart writes that “Nerds lack the ability to read their interlocutor’s facial expressions and emotions, are unable to recognize irony and sarcasm and notoriously fail to lead basic small talk”. I’m hurt! And —

And, hey, didja hear about the new Star Wars? Let me tell you about my favorite part of the trailer!

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